The story of two Brothers

The idea of Nova Sport came to our co-founders when they were students at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in Brussels. During their final year, they each had a dorm room that was right in front of the sports center building of the ULB and they had a student's sports card that gave them access to more than 60 sports which motivated them to try new sports on a daily basis. The only problem at the time was that it was not easy to find sports partners even though there was in total over 28.000 students on the campus.


They then thought how great it would be for universities to offer a platform that connects students together, where each student has a profile in which they indicate the sport they practice and their level in each so that they can get in touch with them! The idea was then born. After developing a beta version of Nova Sport, the participation of a business angel made their project take off.

Later in time, today Nova Sport developed into addressing broader challenges linked to the corporate world and started offering its solution to companies & co-working spaces as well.

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Nick Van Hoof
CTO & Back-end developer

Yan Cui 

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Gerts Leenders 
Security Expert 

Andrew Krugliak 
React Native developer

Inna Sokolenko 
React developer

Ecem Nas Özer
Communication Officer

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