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This section gives you an overview of the impactful benefits of our community-based approach for each type of entity we serve.



01  Support the physical and mental health of your employees.


As an employer you will actively contribute to improving the overall health & wellbeing of your employees in the most impactful way. Sports has been proven to improve the mood and concentration level, reduces stress and depression, improves sleep habits, helps maintain a healthy  weight and boosts self-confidence.

02  Increase productivity and efficiency.


Sports stimulate creativity, better-developed problem solving skills and leadership traits of your employees contributing to their individual and professional development.

03  Decrease employee absenteeism.

Higher engagement in sport & through sport: when your employees are connected they feel more engaged and supported and are more likely to show up to work.

04  Engender a healthier workplace culture (Diversity, Inclusion, Social Cohesion).

You will contribute to greater diversity, inclusion and social cohesion within your corporate community by connecting all your employees together through sports

05  Encourage back-to-office, reconnect remote workers, connect business travelers and new hires.

Reconnect your remote employees and employees coming back to the office together with all your employees and help new joiners instantly feel  

acquainted with everyone in your company through sportIf you are sending business travelers to your offices across the country or the region, help them connect and socialize with their local colleagues through sport outside of business hours.

06  Support disease prevention and management, reduce health risks & costs.

By contributing to the enhancement of the physical health and mental wellbeing of your employees you are supporting disease prevention and management and reducing health risks costs for your business.

07  Support or build your corporate sports team and increase your brand awareness.

Socializing within your community and with other B2B communities (opt in or out of this feature is possible) allows your company to build a larger

network, to meet new talents, to grow your business  and to contribute to your brand's awareness. Furthermore, as an employer, you are offering your own sport app to your corporate community and encouraging the practice of sport all-year-around which will potentially motivate your employees to register and participate at corporate sport events and represent your company at local Marathonssport events/challenges as well as

sport events for Charity.

08  Improve your ability to attract and retain valued employees.        

Your employee engagement through sport. From a social standpoint, sports are a powerful tool that brings people together and creates a sense of community: Sport is a great way to break the ice and help your employees socialize with their colleagues and build deeper bonds and more personal work relationships which will help you engage and retain your talents.

09  Increase health awareness.

Team activities, whether organized or informal, offer numerous health benefits—both physical and mental—and as a result, they can be a perfect

fit for enhancing workplace wellness. We offer optional ‘corporate wellbeing on-demand’ services: onsite sports classes adapted to the needs

of your community of employees directly contributing to their physical health and mental wellbeing. From back pain relief Yoga classes to onsite meditation sessions, Pilates and HIIT Workouts. In addition, gathering your employees around a corporate sport event can be a unique and healthy way for your company to celebrate its successes.

10  Support your corporate health vision.

An enhanced workspace wellness through sports; it's really all about camaraderiesportsmanshipfitness & overall employees wellbeing in line with your vision.

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