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Bringing People 
together around Sports 
A Private Social Network for University & College Sport 
Find sport Buddies in your community & Connect with them
Join Sport Groups  and Book sport sessions & courts

A Tool for Recreational Sport 
Animate your community with a social approach 
Manage the sport offer with a booking system or link yours
Increase participation in recreational sport
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A Private Social app for University/College Sport

For Students & the Academic Community 
Select your community (university or college), the sports you practice and your level

Connect with people you have sports in common
Search by sport & Level, invite others to join you on your activity & Chat with them
International Students connect with Local students

Join the Sports Groups

Find All the Sport Clubs, Teams & Communities in one place

Join your Favorite Groups, Chat with your Teammates & Share your experience together

Organize a Championship in your University / College

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A Place to share your Experience
Create Activities
Ask users to join you on your practice
Other users can request joining you

Share with your Community
Share Tips & Tricks, Events, Challenges & your Experience
University & College Profile

University Sport Profile
Animate the sports community by creating events, sharing content & sending targeted notifications

Link your existing Booking system or use ours
Use our advanced booking system (optionally)
Connect your booking in a simple way

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A Dashboard to manage it all 
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A Set of Tools to Manage the Sport offer and to Animate the Sport Community with a Social Approach


sport sessions booked


private invitations


activity events



The attentiveness and responsiveness of the Nova Sport team enabled the development of an intuitive and easy-to-use application... Choosing Nova Sport means calling on a young team, available and always ready to improve its product according to customer expectations.

Didier Devreese • Director Assistant @ ULB Sport

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